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Shortcut Secrets To A 7-Figure Internet Marketing Agency


  • From zero to multi-millions: The true story of two guys from Florida who grew their internet marketing agency from zero to over $2-million per year in less than four years… plus… their proven and tested blueprint for breathtaking success…
  • Booming industry with opportunities galore: Where local businesses are pouring $4.6 billion advertising dollars in the next year… and… how to tap the fortunes waiting to be made NOW…
  • Business “busters”: Profit-draining mistakes (no one ever told you about) new online agency owners make… that virtually guarantee failure…
  • Keys to market domination: A 3-point checklist to infiltrate and corner any market… and… take a start-up agency from an uncertain future to a thriving enterprise, almost overnight…

Dear Internet Marketing Agency-Builder,

It’s really quite simple…

If you’re starting a brand new internet marketing agency (or want to jump-start an existing agency) that consistently generates five and six-figure recurring monthly profits…

While providing you with the personal satisfaction and time to enjoy a lifestyle most business owners only dream of…

You might as well take the struggle and guesswork out of it… and… discover what really works from someone who has already built a multi-million dollar agency… from scratch!

Hi. My name is Josh Nelson.

In 2011, I decided to do the unthinkable… I took a leap of faith and left my “cushy” (and somewhat secure) $70,000-a-year job to open up an internet marketing agency together… with… my buddy Dean.

Looking back, that decision took a lot of guts.

Heck, I even had to beg my wife (swindle’s more like it) into letting me give this idea the old “college try.”

Now, she’s glad she gave me the thumbs up… because… it paid off big.

And in this presentation, not only will I reveal how…

Josh Nelson Circle Image

Two Guys From South Florida Took A Start-Up Agency From Zero To Millions

… but I’ll also show you how to copy our 7-Figure Agency Blueprint too! When I first stumbled upon this idea, I was a “working-stiff” sales rep for a well-known provider of internet marketing services. I’m talking about a publicly-traded company with annual revenues north of $514-million. The company made the Inc. 500 List… TWICE! Glassdoor selected the company as one of the “50 Best Places To Work.” On top of all that, the company is a Premier SMB Partner with search engine giant, Google. In other words, it’s a really good place to work at. The pay is great. The “perks” are great. The benefits are second to none. And I got to learn a lot about providing internet marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Leaving all of that behind was scary to say the least. But I did have a few things going for me… I walked away with a little inside knowledge about the industry and knew…

  • Local businesses are willing to pay for effective internet marketing services to promote their business online.
  • A big shift was coming (in fact, it’s already here) in the way consumers searched for local businesses to patronize. The Yellow Pages was out… and… the Internet was in.
  • Besides, I also knew the technical stuff: setting up websites… optimizing sites for the search engines… developing authority… Google algorithms… link building… reputation management and all those sorts of things.

Dean was… and IS… a master at digital graphic and web design. This guy can run circles around any other graphic or web designer and not break a sweat. It just made sense (at least on “paper”) for us to become business partners. With a dream, a few bucks in the bank and the reluctant support of our families… Dean and I… embarked on a business adventure the likes of which we never imagined. There was just one big problem. Although we were proficient at the technical side of the business (putting up sites and getting them ranked, etc.)… neither of us had ever built a new business like this… and… we quite simply did not know how. What’s more, most of the information we dug up on building a successful internet marketing agency was published by people who had never done what they were teaching. Or… if they had actually run an agency… they weren’t very successful. Either their info was full of “half-truths”… or outright lies… or impractical ideas that only worked in their imaginations and never in the real world. What became blatantly clear to both of us was this:

Being an expert at the technical side of this business is critical…but
… what’s even more important… is the ability to
quickly, affordably and consistently acquire and KEEP clients.

If you can’t get clients and keep ‘em… all your technical expertise is a waste. In fact, that is the NUMBER ONE reason IM agencies go “belly-up”. The owners have no clue how to attract prospects… convert them into clients… and keep those clients happy so they pay and refer. I’ll give you some more details on this topic in a few moments. The thing is: You could be the best online marketing agency in town. But if no one knows about it… or if you can’t convince prospects to hire you… it’s unlikely you’ll make any money. Which is why Dean and I began researching how to market and promote our agency.

Armed with “killer” marketing secrets… not one in a hundred agency owners knows about… we took the industry by storm and haven’t looked back:

  • Start of 2011 – ZERO CLIENTS and ZERO INCOME!
  • End of 2011 – $29,000 per month recurring revenue!
  • End of 2012 – $69,000 per month recurring revenue!
  • End of 2014 – over $175,000 per month recurring revenue!
  • End of 2015 – over $196,000 per month recurring revenue! (More than $2,352,000 in gross yearly revenues!)
  • 2016 – we made the INC 5,000 list of the fastest growing companies in the Untied States!
  • 2017 – we made the INC 5,000 list again and are on pace to do over $3 Million in 2018

We cracked the code on: generating pre-sold leads… convincing them to give us a shot… and earning their business for the long-term.

In the process, we also figured out: how to earn an enormous income… without… becoming “slaves” to a business that drains the joy out of your life.

From our vantage point, the sky’s the limit because this is…

A Booming Industry Growing By A Projected $4.6-Billion In 2020 …With Opportunities Galore!

Internet marketing services is a virtual “gold rush” industry right now.

Those of us who know how to help local, national and international businesses promote themselves online… are cleaning up!

Just look at the numbers for the proof…

According to several BIA/Kelsey reports on local advertising stats and trends:

  • 97% of consumers go online to find local products and service providers
  • Online/digital revenues will grow to $42.6 billion in 2020, 29.1 percent of total local media revenues, up from $38 billion in 2015. (This is the fastest-growing area with a 12.1% or $4.6 billion rise in revenues.)
  • Total local advertising revenues in the U.S. will reach $146.6 billion in 2020, up from $141.3 billion this year.

  • 98% of consumers pick a business on Page One of search results.
  • Search Engines drive more traffic to websites than ALL other mediums combined!

That’s the opportunity.

Almost every consumer looks online for local merchants.

Business owners understand what’s going on. They are pulling advertising dollars from traditional media… and… plowing billions into online search.

So it makes sense to follow the money!

The big advertising shift will only continue too.

Consider this: An estimated 4 billion mobile phones exist worldwide. Of those, 215 million are web-enabled phones in the U.S. alone. This number will rapidly rise. The result? An exponential increase in local search.

But here’s the thing to keep in mind: If the merchant’s website is not positioned on Page One of local search… then… their website is virtually invisible.

The good news for you is this…

The typical local merchant is swamped running his or her business.

They’re putting out fires. Dealing with vendors. Servicing customers, clients and patients. And running around with a million things to do on their plate.

These folks don’t have the time… or the inclination… to take on the full time job of figuring out how to position and maintain their website at the top of local search results.

That’s where YOU come in…

But here’s a word of caution! You’d better know what you’re doing. Otherwise, this incredibly lucrative opportunity could turn into a financial disaster.

We’ve seen other new agency owners “stub their toes” more than once… and learn the hard way about these…

3 Business “Busters”: Profit-Draining Mistakes To Avoid

Wild-eyed enthusiasm and a flare for internet marketing is not enough to succeed. Take it from me. Dean and I have seen well-intentioned agency owners lose more time and money by making these mistakes than anything else.


I’ll illustrate by telling you another true story…

As I mentioned, my business partner Dean, is an absolute graphic and web design wiz! He really knows his stuff when it comes to putting up websites.

Back in his early days… before we partnered up… Dean was talking with a potential client. The prospect was an optometrist who needed a new website.

Dean was more than qualified.

He showed the doctor samples. He knew what the doctor needed. And he thought the appointment was going well.

That is… until the prospect threw him a curve ball.

The doctor asked Dean for a sample of a website he’d done for another optometrist. In Dean’s mind, that shouldn’t of mattered.

A website… is a website… is a website!


Wrong! As far as the doctor was concerned… since Dean had never built a site for an optometrist before… then… he wasn’t the best designer for the job.

Fair or unfair, Dean left without a client.

He was fuming under the collar at first.

Then he started to think about the situation.

What became obvious to him was this: Local merchants want internet marketing services customized for their business. It’s simply better to be a big fish in a small pond… than… a small fish in a big ocean.

Not only is it easier to attract the best clients… but… it’s far easier to sell a solution that (if nothing else) “seems” tailor-made for them.


The biggest mistake you can make in business is this…

It’s to hope that… because you possess excellent technical skills… clients will beat a path to your door. Won’t happen! I can guarantee it without flinching.

Potential clients will not know who you are… and what you offer… unless you know how to actively market your services.

Not all marketing systems are created equal.

We learned that the hard way too.

We tried everything and nothing worked well until we came across…

Direct Response Marketing!

This is way different than traditional marketing. You’re not just telling people your business name and phone number and hope (pray is more like it) that they call.

Instead… you offer specific lead generation content that positions you as the internet marketing expert they must call. Even more important, when done right, the content pre-disposes prospects to your service and agency.

Which means, they come to you pre-sold.

If you don’t proactively deploy a system like this to generate leads… indoctrinate them… and get them chomping at the bit to talk to you… then you will struggle to build an agency that can put you on “Easy Street.”


I can’t tell you how many of our current clients used to work with other internet marketing agencies. The operative words are… “used to.” Now they work with us.

The main problem: Those agencies promised the world… but… had no idea how to fulfill on services properly. Sometimes, the agency couldn’t get the client’s web rankings to budge.

Other times, they got the client ranked high in the search engines. But the agency didn’t know how to make the client’s phones ring.

High search engine placement without a conversion strategy is useless.

We discovered a different approach. One that not only delivers better rankings… but… also includes multiple ways to get our clients’ phones ringing off the hook!

Ultimately, our clients get more business and a measurable ROI on our services.

That’s the secret to keeping customers happy (and paying) month after month.

By avoiding the profit-draining mistakes above, Dean and I have built an internet marketing agency serving (134) clients.

Every month we enjoy a six-figure recurring income from our agency.

Over the last couple of years we’ve been approached by other agency owners… and… by people thinking about getting into this lucrative industry… and asked to share how we built our agency so successfully.

As you can imagine, after a few of these conversations it kinda became tedious to say the same thing over and over again.

Instead of having individual conversations… where we could never cover everything involved… we decided to put all of our agency-building secrets into an online membership course called…

How To Build A 7-Figure Agency By
Becoming The Authority In Your Niche


How To Build A 7-Figure Agency By
Becoming The Authority In Your Niche


Here is what you get

This course is designed to take you through every step of starting… setting up and growing an agency that can make you rich.

You’ll discover how we’ve done it… and… are STILL doing it in the current economy!

You won’t find any filler in this material. No “pie-in-the-sky” theory. No lame-brain ideas. No guesswork. Nothing to figure out on your own.

Because Dean and I expose everything we do to get and service clients.

Here’s a small sample of the real-world, insider secrets each module reveals…

Start-up Basics For Launching A High-Profit
Internet Marketing Agency

  • The absolute quickest and most effective way to build an agency with the best chance of succeeding… in any economy! (Don’t even think of hanging out your shingle before making this critical decision. It’s that important!)
  • The ONLY fee structure I recommend you implement and enforce… if… you seriously desire to make more money than you’ll know what to do with! (Trust me on this. If you get paid any other way by clients you will never make the big bucks.)
  • Exactly how much to charge per client… at the very least… to reach your income goals fast and with the least amount of hassle and struggle!
  • Why offering a complete internet marketing solution… as opposed to one-off, piecemeal services… is the smartest way to bring clients onboard!
  • The surest way to drive yourself “crazy” when working with clients!
  • 9 “must-have” tools crucial for growing and maintaining a seven-figure agency! (Without them you can’t fulfill on your services!)
  • Which prospects… within any market… offer you the greatest opportunity! (Almost no one who starts an online agency thinks this through… and then… they wonder why it’s so hard to make ends meet!)
  • Why staying local is the worst thing you could possibly do… if… your goal is to land enough clients to become rich! (Here’s a better idea.)
  • A “Hot List” of the top niches with prospects who are most open to hiring an internet marketing agency! (This list alone will save you hours of research and point you in the right direction without any guesswork!)

How To Craft An Irresistible Service
Offer Prospects Will Jump All Over

  • What business owners really want when it comes to online marketing… and… how to position your agency as the only game in town! (I reveal what 99.9% of the competition doesn’t know about getting prospects to line up and beg to hire you on the spot!)
  • How to set expectations with clients and buy enough time to deliver results! (It’s the smart way to guarantee your services without stepping on your own toes.)
  • How to package and price your services for maximum profit!
  • What type of “work” you must do to affect a website’s long-term rankings! (Skimping here will backfire in the long-run so pay close attention to this section!)
  • Keys to developing an authority website that reaches the top of non-paid search listings in record time! (Your client’s website will begin dominating the local search market… and… they’ll love you for it!)
  • Reputation Management Secrets: How to automate the website review process… so… clients receive glowing reviews from thrilled customers!
  • Outsourcing Blunders: Which items you can’t afford to outsource… unless… you don’t mind cutting into profit margins!
  • The 32-minute video presentation Josh has prospects watch BEFORE doing a one-on-one session! (Perhaps the best way to leverage marketing and only deal with pre-sold prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy!)
  • A complete sales process and presentation script worth millions of dollars in the right hands! (You can’t find a script like this… that we’ve used to build a multi-million dollar agency… at any price from anyone else. This and a recorded “live” strategy session presentation is yours for the taking!)

Secrets Of Power Positioning
To Dominate Your Market

  • The secret lead funnel for generating a ton of pre-sold prospects anytime you want! (Fill your pipeline to the point of bursting with this proven strategy!)
  • Positioning assets that set your agency apart from all the pretenders in the market! (The competition won’t stand a chance once you put these in place!)
  • How to name your agency without “pigeon-holing” yourself into a narrow vertical. (Just add one or both of these two words in the name… or something similar… and you’ll be just fine!)
  • Three design elements found in every great client-attraction website! (These design elements compel prospects to engage with the site… and… leave their contact info so you can follow up!)
  • Why having video content on your company website is crucial for converting visitors to prospects… and in no time… to paying clients!
  • Your Keynote Presentation: The driving force of all your marketing efforts! (Discover how to craft and leverage this single marketing piece into multiple lead generation sources… that… never stop sending a flood of potential clients your way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)
  • The two mindsets prospects are in when they hit your website… and… what they must see immediately to stay engaged and consider you as the “go-to” resource for their online marketing needs!
  • One element every page of your website must include so prospects don’t slip through your fingers! (Not 1 in 100 IM agency owners knows this secret… which is why… you’ll be “cleaning up” and dominating your niche!)
  • How to “bait” prospects into giving up their contact information… so… you can follow up, stay in touch and convert them into clients!
  • Video Repurposing Secrets: How to “slice and dice” one video into a bunch of short interesting clips that act as search engine “candy” pointing pre-qualified prospects back to your main website in droves!

How To Secure The All Important First Client
And Build A Case Study Around Their Success

  • The winning mindset to adopt when hunting for your first client! (If you put yourself in this frame of mind the only option is… SUCCESS!)
  • 3 “poor-boy” methods for landing clients when you have little to no money and no contacts to count on! (Yes, these methods “suck” – i.e. require time, effort and guts – but on the flip side… they’re dirt-cheap and even free… and get you in front of ideal prospects fast.)
  • How to identify and profit from a small group of people who can put you in touch with perfect prospects overnight! (You’ll double… or more… your chances of securing appointments by following this simple piece of advice.)
  • Critical action steps to take before reaching out to prospects! (Never… ever… talk to a business owner unless you follow this “Approach Protocol” first. It’s that important!)
  • How to use Google and other pay-per-click search engines to find clients… without spending a dime on advertising! (This will blow you away… because… not only can you find clients for free… but… you’ll find clients who spend an arm and a leg advertising online! And that’s like hitting the jackpot!)
  • Low-Cost Email Prospecting: How to send targeted emails and get as many quality appointments as you can handle! (Small cost, big return email outreach that works!)
  • A “killer” email technique that shows prospects they absolutely… positively… NEED to talk with you pronto! (I bet none of your competitors will even think of adding this single element to their emails. But… if you do… be prepared for a “flash flood” of responses!)
  • Why the RIGHT kinds of local business networking events can pay off big time! (By the way… this is how I got my first few local SEO clients and it’s still a great way to get an SEO agency off the ground!)
  • Student “Progress Reports”: You’ll hear from other 7-Figure Agency students – and see their actual websites – as they’re progressing through the course and setting up their own high-profit agency. (Nothing’s more inspiring and motivating than watching others succeed… and… seeing how they take on and overcome the inevitable challenges to building a successful business!)
  • A brilliant way to convince other internet marketing agencies to send you their prospects! (Yes they will… when… you know WHO and HOW to ask!)
    • The 5-step client attraction plan Josh would follow… if… he was forced to start over again from scratch!
    • Prospecting Pitfalls: 3 tell-tale signs a prospect is not worth your time! (Whatever you do… DO NOT chase after business owners who fall into one or more of these categories!)


That’s a ton of fantastic material.

The kinds of secrets that’ll shortcut your ability to make a truly outrageous income. But now, allow me to make an important point.

You probably noticed the first four modules deal primarily with marketing your agency. In fact, a couple of up-coming modules also deal with marketing and promotion.

Why is that, you ask? Simply because…

If You Don’t Get The Marketing
Right… Nothing Else Matters!

I’m not kidding!

If you can’t generate pre-qualified prospects… and then… get them to hire you, all your fancy SEO and online marketing skills won’t amount to a hill of beans.

In other words, if you can’t get the client, you’ll never get paid.

That’s why I spend the lion’s share of the time on client attraction and conversion.

However, I also reveal how to deliver on your services… plus… all the little things that make a huge difference in running a successful agency.

Now, back to more of the secrets in the rest of the course…

How To Fulfill On Your Services And
Get The Job Done Right The First Time

  • The one… and ONLY… reason clients will continue paying you month after month! (Screw this up and you’ll have a “revolving-door” business that ultimately fails. Get it right and clients will shower you with profits for as long as you keep your doors open!)
  • How to start things off on the right foot… with… a great customer experience clients will NEVER forget! (Almost no one in business does this… but… it’ll make a bigger and longer lasting impression on clients than anything else you can do!)
  • The most important document you must send new clients! (Have them completely fill this out… immediately… or they’ll prolong the time it takes you to set up their online marketing system!)
  • The biggest secret to raising client retention rates! (Hint: It’s all about what you do on the front end when you first start a new client relationship!)
  • Why it’s crucial to conduct a new client launch call… almost as soon as… you lock in a new client to a contract! (Also… why going in-person or using the phone is the WRONG way to conduct this call. I’ll give you a much better option to use right from the comfort of your own office!)
  • 2 items we strongly suggest you send new clients to establish your credibility and bond with them for life!
  • Our time-tested SEO marketing secrets that will: boost your clients’ websites to the top of the local search listings… drive tons of qualified traffic… and make their phones ring like there’s no tomorrow!
  • How to get your client’s site ranked at the top of Google Maps in their local market! (The three-step formula we’ve discovered works in every local market we’ve tested so far.)
  • The secrets of designing “MOBILE-RESPONSIVE” websites that turn traffic into profits for your clients! (Mess up here and clients will lose up to 40% of mobile consumers to their competition. So pay close attention here!)
  • Secret sources we rely on for citation development, content and blogging!
  • Why “bad” in-bound links do more harm than “good” in-bound links help! (You’ll see how to remove harmful links and build links according to Google’s latest standards and best practices… so… your clients’ websites don’t get penalized!)

How To Become The Authority In Your
Market By Publishing A Book

  • Why authors in almost every business category get more respect… more clients… and more profits than everyone else! (Amazingly, sometimes these authors are not even the best in the business… and yet… they enjoy the lion’s share of the notoriety and wealth!)
  • How being known as an author helps you charge higher prices than any of your competitors… and… get paid without any fuss! (Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Activate the magnetic force that positions you as THE EXPERT and high-paying clients will come out of the woodwork!)
  • How a book lets you secure speaking engagements in front of the hottest group of prospects in your niche!
  • Why it’s perfectly okay to “anoint” yourself as an authority and expert on internet marketing… without… asking for anyone else’s permission! (Actually, there’s only one qualifier to making this claim legit. And if you’re in the business of website design and SEO-optimization… then… you probably already possess it.)
  • Three options for publishing a book I don’t recommend… and… fourth option that is perfect! (One will probably not happen since you’re targeting a niche. The second requires lots of time and a tidy upfront investment. The third relieves you of the time commitment but is still quite expensive. And the last is quick, easy and cheap! It’s how we publish our books and how we suggest you do it too!)
  • The no-upfront-cost, pay-on-demand option for publishing and printing your client-attraction books as you need them for about $3 a copy… with no minimum printing requirements! (In the publishing world it doesn’t get better than this!)
  • Why you are NOT trying to make money selling your book… and… the real reason to publish one in the first place! (We know from experience hardly anyone will buy a niche-specific, niche-service business book. So what? What we’ll show you is how to turn that book into one of your best… if not THE best… business assets you’ll ever own!)
  • A stunning shortcut to writing your book on the fly… without… writing a single word of it yourself! (No, this is not about someone else writing it for you, either! When I reveal this secret, you’ll slap your forehead for not figuring out!)
  • Why the graphics on the front cover, back cover and spine of the book MUST BE professionally done! (Ever hear the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately, people do!)
  • An ultra-effective book launch strategy to spread the word about your book to everyone who needs to know about it!
  • 5 ways to position your book into a lead generation magnet! (Follow our advice consistently and you’ll always have new clients busting down your doors!)

How To Put Your Marketing Strategy In Place
So Prospects Flock To You In Drove

  • What your marketing message must say to attract prospects like crazy! (No more advertising blindly! I reveal exactly how to get the attention of prospects who are ready, willing and able to pay you the big bucks!)
  • How to reach the largest number of ideal prospects efficiently… effectively… and economically! (You’ll get the biggest bang from every dollar spent on marketing from now on!)
  • The 7-Figure Agency Marketing Plan: Our in-depth, nothing-left-to-chance blueprint for taking an agency from start-up to stellar success! (Includes: Our highest-reward marketing strategies to start with first… and… which ones to add on as your agency grows!)
  • 8 amazing fool-proof marketing methods that’ll blaze you so far ahead of your competitors they’ll never catch up!
  • Our formula for making a fortune emailing for new business! (Every time we applied this formula we got from four to ten new clients chomping at the bit to hire us on the spot!)
  • How to find industry associations for instant access and exposure to members! (And why association members would rather deal with “one of their own”… instead of… an “outsider”… and how to turn affinity marketing into a profit-rich source of clients that pay and refer!)
  • How Josh landed 22 clients at local association events! (Do the one thing he kept doing over and over again… and… getting clients becomes a cinch!)
  • The secret to booking yourself for high-profile speaking engagements at local, state and national association events! (Hint: Your book goes a long way to convincing association directors you’re the speaker for their event!)
  • How to re-purpose your marketing guide as an SEO-optimized website! (Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to build a website that ranks high to promote your agency!)
  • The pay-per-click campaign we use… and… the best time to start using a similar version for your own agency! (PPC is great when applied at the right time! Here’s what you need to know!)
  • Facebook or Linkedin Ads? Which ones are more effective and cost about ten times less! (And what to offer in the ads to maximize lead count and minimize click cost!)
  • The multi-step direct mail campaign… that… generates the very best leads of any other marketing source! (You get our complete 7-step direct mail system including: direct mail templates, printing services, contents of each package… and… how to get the packages mailed, opened and read!)
  • How an automated webinar drives in prospects like clockwork! (You’ll see how to set them up… the critical content to include… how to host them… and how to attract viewers!)
  • A monthly content marketing and syndication system to convert email subscribers into clients! (Most leads will not become clients right away. So we came up with a strategy to position ourselves as the internet marketing authority and experts in our niche… and… build our SEO rankings all from one single core content piece every month!)
  • How to create a fantastic print newsletter that “wows” and retains existing clients! (Don’t just rely on digital marketing to stay in touch with clients. There’s nothing like a print newsletter to make a huge and lasting impression!)

How To Service, Manage And Retain Paying
Clients Who Are Thrilled With Your Agency

  • The Ultimate “Stick” Strategy: How to make clients like and trust you from day one! (In fact, they’ll never think about jumping ship and trying out any other agency if you do this!)
  • How a proactive system for keeping clients happy raises retention rates! (Client relationships are just like any other relationships! If you don’t nurture them, clients will bail on you and find someone else!)
  • The number one reason clients look for “greener pastures” and leave! (The odd thing is some clients will fire you… even if… the results from your services are over-the-top! Why would that happen? Well, here’s the reason that defies “reason”… but… is the truth nonetheless!)
  • How clients “think” when it comes to paying for ANY on-going service… and… why this could spell disaster to your bottom line if you’re not careful!
  • Why the client launch call sets the tone of your entire relationship! (We stumbled upon a “weird” quirk in human psychology to turn these calls into your best profit center… even though… you won’t get paid for doing them! Trust me, this little discovery will plow profits into your bank account for years to come!)
  • The Client Welcome Sequence: What to send clients by snail mail and email so they know you appreciate them and are actively working on their account! (Communication is the key. This sequence keeps the client in the loop during the first critical 90 days… and… gives you an almost unfair advantage over every other agency in town!)
    • Why direct mail makes a better impression on clients than email or other digital “touches” alone! (Our retention rates shot off the charts when we started snail mailing clients on a monthly basis!)
  • What to discuss during monthly review calls so clients focus on BOTH the positive results your service is providing… and… the future benefits they’ll get by continuing to use your marketing expertise!
  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Your Content Goes Here
  • How to earn your business month after month! (Whatever you do… DO NOT… make clients feel like you’re taking them for granted. Here’s how to prove you care about their business!)
  • A 32-minute video that reveals how to prepare for the ideal monthly client review call. (Not sure what to say? Wondering what questions to ask? This video lays it all out for you so every client review call goes off without a hitch!)
  • A 66-minute video where Josh is talking with an unhappy client and how to handle such a situation! (Every now and then, a client will be dissatisfied despite your best efforts. This video gives you the framework for addressing these clients productively so you move forward!)
  • The client retention formula and tracking sheet to hit your profit and income goals! (Measuring these key metrics monthly… or at the very least quarterly… keeps you on the fast track to a lucrative and rewarding business!)

Believe it or not, what you just read is only a small (very small) portion of the actionable and practical secrets revealed in this course.

Let me make one thing crystal clear…

This Is The ONLY Resource You’ll Ever Need
To Start, Run And Grow A Profitable And
Successful Internet Marketing Agency

And let me tell you why…

If those reasons aren’t enough to get started now… then keep this in mind…

By the time you finish this training, you’ll possess the…

Keys To Market Domination

The first key gives you the best chance of success in this business.

It allows you to…

  • Hone in on prime prospects…
  • Set your agency apart in a meaningful way…
  • Create effective marketing that works…
  • Command and get paid higher fees on a recurring basis…
  • Expertly provide high-value internet marketing services…
  • Avoid common pitfalls of running an agency…
    • Set and reach income goals with ease…

With this first key, you’ll unlock the secrets of building an agency on a solid foundation. You’ll also steer clear of the “prescription for failure” 50% of new agency owners seem to follow. And you’ll propel your progress forward at lightning-fast speed.

The second key makes you the only choice for internet marketing services.

When prospects compare your agency with others… well, let’s just say… the others won’t stand a fighting chance.

As a result, you will:

  • Funnel more leads your way a lot faster…
  • Pre-sell prospects before you meet with them…
  • Meet only with pre-qualified prospects who want to buy…
  • Convert prospects to clients much more quickly and with ease…
    • Build a pipeline of future business to tap as needed…

The second key positions you as the premier provider of internet marketing services to the best qualified group of prospects in the market.

The third… and final… key practically guarantees you’ll have more clients than you can handle. Because it gives you the power to:

  • Increase your sales with 8 powerful strategies…
  • Grow your agency without the usual fits and starts…
  • Leverage online and offline media to your advantage…
  • Boost company revenues consistently…
  • Create a viral presence online…
  • Always have more clients clamoring to hire you…
  • Retain quality clients who pay you month in and month out…

Use these keys with consistency… and… you’ll unlock the treasure trove to lasting success in this industry.

You’ll infiltrate and corner any market.

And you’ll build your agency on solid ground so it thrives for as long as you decide to stay in business.

So far, I’ve only told you what I think of this training.

Now I’d like you to listen to the…

Success Stories And Rave Reviews
Pouring In From Actual Students

“I have owned a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I’ve been a consumer of training courses…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve spent thousands…and I’ve made tens of thousands. But I haven’t yet hit that seven-figure mark within a year.

This course, by Josh Nelson, Seven Figure Agency, is by far the BEST money I’ve ever spent. I would even go so far as to say, if you purchase this and follow it, you shouldn’t need to buy another course for a LONG time, if ever. I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days.

My highest recommendation goes to Josh and his partner, Dean. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency!

On My Way to 7 Figures!”

Jeanne-KolendaJeanne Kolenda

“I wanted to thank you for the course you just finished teaching; Seven Figure Agency. I was really excited to have the course since it is what I have wanted to do for a while. My problem was that I didn’t really know where to start. I have to say that you put it completely together for me. There was zero fluff and it directly addressed everything I needed to get on track to build my business. You and Dean went far beyond what I had expected. It was thorough and detailed to the point that I know that I will have a successful business in time just by following your advice. I really appreciate the fact that I have access to the material and can review any part at any time. Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely, one thousand times. It was really worth it and appreciated your content, your follow through with questions, the tools and resources and most of all the fact that you care about our success. I truly thank you guys and would like to stay in touch and let you know how I am progressing.”

Ed GelbEd Gelb

“Josh, Dean and the team at Seven Figure Agency are out of this world. First of all, they really want you to succeed!  It’s obvious because of how they go above and beyond the expectation to help you.  Second, they are incredibly knowledgeable and humble.  Their expertise is assuring as you look to grow your business but they are humble enough to always seek out new knowledge and wisdom to pass along.  I appreciate that type of humble leadership.  You will appreciate sitting under their wisdom and it will be well worth you money and time.”

“… clients are now coming out of  nowhere to work with me. ”

“The 7 Figure Agency Training was exactly what I was looking for.  I had tried in the past to build a local marketing business and failed.  I knew it was what I wanted to do but after my initial experience, I lacked the confidence that I would be able to deliver results and build a sustainable business.  The 7 Figure Agency Training Program changed everything for me.  I now know exactly what services to offer, what to charge and how to deliver results.  In fact, clients are now coming out of nowhere to work with me. ”

Laura WhitelawLaura Whitelaw

“The Seven Figure Agency provides everything you need in order to create a real, high revenue, monthly reoccurring, money machine. I’m so lucky to be a part of this and my family’s future will be much brighter because of it. I have owned and run the same business for the past 28 years and up until now, never changed course because I always believed there was nothing better out there……in fact I planned to pass my business on to my son.
Yet, after experiencing the Seven Figure Agency program first hand, I now have him following the Seven Figure Agency model as well because I truly believe it is his best opportunity for a bigger and better future.”

Dean PerkinsDean Perkins

“I have owned a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I’ve been a consumer of training courses…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve spent thousands…and I’ve made tens of thousands. But I haven’t yet hit that seven-figure mark within a year. This course, by Josh Nelson, Seven Figure Agency, is by far the BEST money I’ve ever spent. I would even go so far as to say, if you purchase this and follow it, you shouldn’t need to buy another course for a LONG time, if ever. I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days. My highest recommendation goes to Josh and his partner, Dean. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency! On My Way to 7 Figures!”

Montina Portis

“AMAZED, EXCITED, MOTIVATED. Those three words sum up how I feel about Dean and Josh’s “Seven Figure Agency Blueprint” course. I’ll explain those in just a minute. Let me first provide you some background regarding WHY I signed up for their course.

I own a typical online marketing company, when I say typical, I mean we help any type of local business get more customers through our online marketing efforts. . We’ve been able to build a successful business in the low six figures, but I wanted more for our business.

The challenges we faced is that our customers greatly differed from one another. We had chiropractors, a wedding music business, Scandinavian furniture business, urgent cares, dentists, ultrasound clinics, massage therapists, commercial realty companies, moving companies, electricians, E-Cig retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, computer repair companies, pet store, life coaching companies…the list goes on and on.

We LOVE each and every one of our clients, but as you can tell, there isn’t any consistency. The language is different among these businesses such as who they service. Some are clients, customers, patients, guests etc. And while the foundation for getting them more customers online is very similar, the process isn’t easily repeatable. We needed to research and find out what niche specific directories to place them on, what backlinks to go after, the articles we were writing / content for their websites were all different. The process has to be reinvented over and over again….and we were starting to bang our heads against the wall.

So what made me decide on making an investment in the Seven Figure Agency Blueprint course? With the exception of the online marketers who are selling the “Next Best Thing / Shiny Object” products, I kept on finding the marketers who were really making the big bucks in this field had focused on a niche. I mean think of it, you focus on a niche, you get recognized as the expert, you streamline your processes, and get this…you can charge a little more because people expect to pay more for a specialist.

I had met Josh and Dean through a few online groups we’re both members of and met them personally back in July as well as October of 2014. I knew these guys knew what they were doing and was so excited to hear that they were taking what had made them into a multi-million dollar company and putting that into a mentoring course. Trust me, when I heard about it, I signed up then and there.

So what did the course cover? Honestly, everything you need to get your existing local marketing company over that hump and make into a very successful niche focused business. They cover scripts, they cover the key factors about establishing expertise and credibility. How to qualify, research and approach your niche for business is covered. How to pick out a niche, yep that is in there as well. EVERYTHING you need to turn your generic business into a successful niche based business is in there. They cover fulfillment, how to write a book to establish authority, what services to offer, how to leverage direct mail to get your foot in the door. Josh and Dean also take you through scenarios where they’re actually going through a sales call with a prospect. What to discuss, how to present it, how to ask for the sale. I’ve taken a few online marketing courses from some of the leaders in the industry and they were all great…they helped me build my business to where I’m out of the basement and into an office suite….but to really get to that next level, I knew I needed something else. THIS IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE.

Now one thing I’ll state is that if you’re not already having success with your online marketing company, I don’t know that this is the right course for you. When I say success, I mean that you have a profitable full time business in this industry. The reason I say this is that I believe that the course offers the most success to those who have already gone through the challenges of establishing a business and we all know there are many. This picks up where that left off. Consider it your graduate course to your bachelors.

I honestly cannot say enough about this course and what Dean and Josh have provided. I cannot wait to see what is in store for my new business, hopefully more trips to the bank!”

“I have been doing SEO for anyone who would ask, and doing SEO at such low mark ups, I really couldn’t give my clients the right service or a service that really understood their particular business. I did not have the right fundamentals in place and I wasn’t making enough money to support my family in the way I intended. I was working a business that went “paycheck to paycheck and panic to panic.” It was not the business I wanted. Josh’s Seven Figure Agency changed direction for me. My fundamentals and approach towards my business have been corrected and I feel I am on my way to the success and security I deserve. I started this course from scratch. We are just under 3 months old as of this writing and I am already making “head turning” presentations in my new niche. Although still too early,  I have 6 new deals that potential prospects are considering and no doubt expect this business to take off shortly. Yes, it is hard work, and you need good organization and an action plan to make it happen,  (thats your part) but Josh lays everything out for you. No wondering and no guessing. Josh has laid out a game plan that I understand is producing almost $200,000 per month in revenue for him.  For me, Josh has laid out the perfect business model to duplicate his success”

Alan HillsbergAlan Hillsberg, Optimized Mobile

Some of our students have owned an internet marketing agency for years. A number of them tasted success. Some, unfortunately, had met with failure.

Still other students are brand spankin’ new to this business.

But they all… and I mean ALL… found our training to be complete, valuable and potentially life-changing.

This training course is already multiplying the incomes of agency owners across the country. Best part: It can do the same for you too!

Here’s the deal…

When you join… not only will you receive unlimited access to the core membership training… but you’ll also get these additional…

Five Profit-Boosting Bonus Gifts

  • Extra Bonus Module: This 30-minute video covers the most important elements of the entire course. By the time you finish the training, your head will be spinning with ideas and tasks to implement. In this video, I’ll guide you through the process of prioritizing what you’ve learned to started on the right foot. The module includes the 7-Figure Agency Blueprint Recap Checklist to keep you on track.
  • Your Content Goes HereResource Links: Running an agency requires certain tools. You’ll get the websites, company names and all the contact information for the tools we rely on to run our agency smoothly. In some cases, we’ve worked out deals for our students with the vendors so you save money while getting set up.
  • Client Implementation Case Study: Over two hours of video instruction. A member just like you landed a client in their target niche. We walk you through a REAL WORLD example of how they set up the client step-by-step. You’ll see…

1. How to fill out the new client setup sheet & checklist

2. How to conduct the keyword research

3. How to run the clients baseline ranking report

4. How to fill out the Title Tag Sheet

5. How to setup your tasks in a Project Management System

6. How to fill out the Directory / Citation Optimization Sheet

7. All the details you need to set up your new clients

All the details you need to set up your new clients

  • “Hot Seat” Q&A Videos: Over two hours additional training. You’ll hear students asking their most pressing questions. Some of these questions you’ll wrestle with at some point. Like…
    • How can I get my site done (and my clients’ websites done)… if I don’t know how to design… and don’t have a partner that knows how to do that type of work? (I tell you the options that work best for web design.)
    • I have a full time job currently…when can / should I quite my job and go into this business full time? (I came up with a simple way to evaluate your financial situation to see… if and when… it makes sense to leave a job and go full-time into business for yourself.)
    • Can you review my niche specific marketing website and give me your feedback? (I critique a member’s website and reveal what they got right… and… what needs improvement.)
    • How should I go about updating the implementation guide for the lead funnel? (I walk you through the process of turning this document into a customized lead generation magnet for your agency.)
    • How are things different with the switch from Google Places to Google My Business? (These kinds of technical questions are handled throughout this extra Q&A training session.)
    • And other questions you haven’t thought of during the training. You’ll hear in-depth answers to make sure these students… and YOU… are heading in the right direction.
  • The Letter To My Wife (My Case For Running The Business Full Time): I thought twice about including this bonus. However, I know from personal experience, the people closest to you must be “sold” on your new venture. Otherwise, it could cause a lot of friction. This is the actual letter I wrote to my wife persuading her to support me. You can model it to write your own letter… or… as a basis for the conversations you’ll have with the important people in your life.

As you can see, Dean and I have left no stone unturned.

We’ve literally poured every secret, strategy, technique, tip and morsel of experience we have into this membership course.

Once you acquire this information, it’ll serve you for as long as you keep your agency open. On top of that… we are always updating certain aspects of the training as needed. So you’ll always be ahead (way ahead) of the curve.

The core video training modules and the bonuses are truly priceless.

These Secrets And Strategies Have
Built A $2.35-Million-A-Year Internet
Marketing Agency From The Ground Up

Now listen closely: We give you the EXACT BLUEPRINT we use every single day to get clients… fulfill valuable services… and keep those clients on our books.

Before offering to share our real-world experience with others, we did some “recon” to see what the competition was charging.

It’s outrageous!

For example, WSI is considered a “top” internet services franchise. The fee to join them is a “bank-busting” $50,000… plus… royalties. Whose got that kind of money?

Then there’s ASI Media. Wanna get in on the ground floor with them? Great! Be prepared to shell out $15,000 just to get in the door.

Of course, there’s a plethora of unproven programs out there. They range in price from $5,000 on the low end to $7,500 and up.

WARNING: Just so you know, there’s an entire industry out there made up of people who create and market information products… whether or not… they’ve ever successfully done what they teach. These professional marketers create very compelling sales pitches. The problem is they often have zero experience starting and running an internet marketing agency.

So be careful.

Now listen closely: We give you the EXACT BLUEPRINT we use every single day to get clients… fulfill valuable services… and keep those clients on our books.

Before offering to share our real-world experience with others, we did some “recon” to see what the competition was charging.

It’s outrageous!

For example, WSI is considered a “top” internet services franchise. The fee to join them is a “bank-busting” $50,000… plus… royalties. Whose got that kind of money?

Then there’s ASI Media. Wanna get in on the ground floor with them? Great! Be prepared to shell out $15,000 just to get in the door.

Of course, there’s a plethora of unproven programs out there. They range in price from $5,000 on the low end to $7,500 and up.

WARNING: Just so you know, there’s an entire industry out there made up of people who create and market information products… whether or not… they’ve ever successfully done what they teach. These professional marketers create very compelling sales pitches. The problem is they often have zero experience starting and running an internet marketing agency.

So be careful.

On the other hand, Dean and I, live and breathe this business day in and day out. After all of our research, our conclusion is simple…

We’ve yet to find training like ours.

Training from people who are DOING the business… not… just talking about it.

Training that offers real-life experience from people who make the bulk of their income… not from selling opportunities… but from running a real business.

At first, we decided to offer the 7-Figure Agency Blueprint Membership Program for an affordable price of just $1,500 per month.

However, we do not want to price anyone out.

Nor do we want to give away our business secrets for peanuts.

So, for now (and somewhat reluctantly)… we are offering the entire program for just

$997 per month
(SAVE Up To $5,500!)

But there’s nothing to worry about.

Because… to prove we stand behind this training all the way… we also offer an outrageously generous

It goes like this…

Go through the entire training.

Watch all the videos in all eight training modules.

Take advantage of the bonus training as well.

Immerse yourself in this material and then begin to apply it. Some of our students made back their investment… and then some… within 30 days.

Mike Cioffy: “I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days. My highest recommendation goes to Josh and his partner, Dean. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency! On My Way to 7 Figures!”

Laura Whitelaw told us: “The 7 Figure Agency Training Program changed everything for me. I now know exactly what services to offer, what to charge and how to deliver results. In fact, clients are now coming out of nowhere to work with me.

But we won’t give you just 30 days to test it out.

You’ll get a full 3-months to get up and running and experience the thrill of landing new clients… and… getting paid.

Then… and only then… after you’ve had a chance to go through everything and try it for yourself… decide if you want to remain a member or not.

I know if you put forth a little effort our training will pay off in spades.

But… if after 3 full months in the course… you feel this isn’t for you for any reason… just let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund. And we’ll part friends.

Doubt that’ll happen.

Our students are so happy with the training and support… they don’t quit!

Because they’re not quitters!

Instead, they tell their friends about the 7-Figure Agency Blueprint and send us referrals and new students.

Even better: They stick it out and go on to enjoy thriving, high-profit businesses… that… support them and their families in style.

The Next Move You Make Could Be The Most Important One As Far As Your Financial Future Is Concerned

Starting a new business… of any kind… is scary.

It’s even more so when you don’t have a blueprint to follow.

What Dean and I are offering you here is… PEACE OF MIND!


Because the 7-Figure Agency Blueprint gives you a PROVEN template for starting, running and growing an internet marketing agency.

It’ll put you on the path to success by allowing you to MODEL everything we’ve done… and DO… to make our agency the multi-million dollar enterprise it is today.

Consider it a shortcut or fast-track to owning the profitable business you desire… so that… you and your family live the life of your dreams.

The ball’s in your court…

You could choose to ignore our offer… and… go off on your own hoping and praying you’ll figure things out. And you know what… you WILL probably figure things out. But only after wasting a ton of time and losing a ton of money.


You could do the smart thing and join us.

There’s absolutely no risk. You’re guaranteed in writing that the 7-Figure Agency Blueprint will give you every advantage we know of to succeed wildly in this booming industry… or your money back.

Take action now and rocket your business and income to the next level.

Give us a chance to prove it and you’ll never look back.

For a very limited time you can join us RIGHT NOW for just $997 per month…

Join Now!

To your success,

Josh Nelson, CEO
7-Figure Agency

P.S. By the way… I’m going to include one more Super Bonus for you. Join today and you’ll get access to our “by invitation only” 7-Figure Agency Facebook Group. Interacting with other members is a great way to keep motivated. We’re building a little community of like-minded, success-oriented students and agency owners you can access any time.

P.P.S.  You are invited to join us for the Live 2 Day Implememtation Intensive we call the Agency Acceleration Intensive at our Office In Miami. That’s right, you’ll get to tour our facility, meet our team (that actually do all the work), and experience what a real Seven Figure Agency looks like. This bonus is worth more than what we are asking & we are throwing it in at no additional charge.

So join us now. It’s priceless and you’re gonna love it…

Get Started Now!