Listen to today’s episode as we talk with Michael King and discuss how he leveraged strategic joint ventures to find success with his business. We will unpack how he started LASIK Marketing Agency, the packages he offers, how he continues to land clients, and how he delivers his service offerings. You don’t want to miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] Introduction with Michael King of LASIK Marketing Agency
  • [5:40] If you have your why you have your focus
  • [9:20] Delivery mechanisms and conversion
  • [14:40] Choosing a niche utilizing his experience
  • [16:00] How to land clients
  • [24:00] Find clients to partner with that are the best fit[28:55] building a strategy around clients pricing page
  • [32:27] Finding virtual project managers
  • [34:10] Question Segment[43:40] Words of Wisdom

How your experience plays into choosing a digital marketing niche

Michael spent over 10 years working with his brother to build his LASIK business from one clinic to over 7 locations. His unique experience in developing the business from the ground up gives him expert insight in the field—specifically working with Ophthalmologists who specialize in LASIK procedures. It was an easy transition for him to grow from managing one group to diving into digital marketing management for multiple providers. Continue listening as we talk about leveraging your experience to narrow down your niche and show your expertise in the industry.

Investing in Joint Venture Opportunities is a great way to serve your clients—and build your business

After realizing digital media was his greatest asset and launching his marketing agency, Michael knew that he could go one of two routes: learn how to do everything himself, or strategically partner with other businesses. He chose to invest his time and focus on what he already knew and set up joint ventures for other services. He realized partnering with some of the industry leaders would better serve his clients in the long run.

Not only is it a great way to serve your clients, but it’s an opportunity to access an industry you may not already have connections in. A strategic partnership with experts in your field—where you bring each other value and revenue—can be your biggest starting point for success. Listen on as we cover some of his partners and what his recommendations are for successful joint ventures, as well as other successful ways to land clients.

Successfully marketing for a niche that constantly requires new lead generation

Because LASIK is a procedure that can only be done once, Ophthalmologists are constantly looking for new clients. It is extremely important to understand your particular niche and how to best develop their marketing to convert leads. For Michael’s niche, they found that it was highly important to drive the client through their funnels by optimizing pricing on a client’s website.

A client has to opt-in to receive information about pricing and they’re brought to a landing page with video and other helpful information (including pricing) to help navigate them towards scheduling an appointment. Continue listening as we talk about how this strategy converts well for this field and how it can work for your niche.

Leverage your expertise in your field and connect with clients who are your best fit

The whole point of choosing a niche is to better develop your expertise in a particular field and utilize your strengths. You definitely can’t do this if you do one-off projects for businesses outside of your niche. But it’s equally important to develop your service offerings so they’re comprehensive, strategic, and best serve your clients. You don’t want to be doing “a la carte” style services on top of what you’re already doing for a client—it’s not the best use of your time.

If you have clients who are looking for this sort of offering, it’s okay to take a step back if it isn’t a good fit. In the end, your goal is to set your pricing high enough so that the work is worth your investment, as well as being a valuable asset to their business. In the remainder of the episode, we expound on this and answer some specific questions you may have.

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