Three years ago Alan was struggling in his SEO & Web Design Business. His company was doing six figures but there was no profit or consistency. He reworked his entire business model following the Seven Figure Agency Blueprint and decided to focus the Funeral Home Industry. His agency, Funeral Home Marketing Services is now servers over 81 clients & is doing Seven Figures per year and growing quicker than ever…

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Over the past 3 years Alan chose his niche…positioned himself as the expert…sold / retained over 80 clients & build a million dollar agency. He shares some tremendous insights on how he:

  • Chose his niche
  • Landed his first 5 clients / $5K in monthly revenue
  • How he built his prospect list, approached his calls & landed strategy sessions
  • How he markets the business today to bring in clients on a consistent basis
  • How he get the work done for his clients while keeping his focus on sales & business development
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