Our goal with the Seven Figure Agency is to help local marketers grow highly successful and profitable niche focused marketing agencies. Throughout the training we share the exact steps, strategies & techniques that helped us grow from a start-up with no client to a thriving business doing over $300K per month. It’s excited to see what others who have followed our model are accomplishing:

“If you want to build a seven figure agency fast you should model someone who has already done it. In their course, Seven Figure Agency, Josh Nelson and Dean Iodice have given us a comprehensive inside look at how they did it. These gentlemen pull back the curtain and basically hand you the inner workings of their business on a silver platter.Everything you need to know to attract, fulfill, and retain clients in the niche you choose is covered in detail in this course. You get the strategies and wisdom of two experienced businessmen and professional marketers plus all the customizable marketing materials, checklists, presentations, and  spreadsheets they use to make it all work. The time and money you’ll save by using these materials is worth the cost of the course by itself.

The course is great but the men behind it are even better. It’s clear from our interactions that they really want you to succeed and offer lots of sage advice and positive encouragement. And despite the success they’ve had they set their egos aside and shared what didn’t work too and included some of their own very personal stories.

Specializing in a single vertical gives you a decided marketing advantage over your competition and many economies of scale in delivering your services. When you tell a business owner that you only work in his niche and you only work with one business per city your chances of getting the job just went way up.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to be that specialist and reach seven figures in recurring annual revenue and beyond. I highly recommend it!”

James Hall - Trailblazer Marketing Group, Inc.

“I have owned a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I’ve been a consumer of training courses…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve spent thousands…and I’ve made tens of thousands. But I haven’t yet hit that seven-figure mark within a year.

This course, by Josh Nelson, Seven Figure Agency, is by far the BEST money I’ve ever spent. I would even go so far as to say, if you purchase this and follow it, you shouldn’t need to buy another course for a LONG time, if ever. I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days.

My highest recommendation goes to Josh and his partner, Dean. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency!

On My Way to 7 Figures!”

“AMAZED, EXCITED, MOTIVATED. Those three words sum up how I feel about Dean and Josh’s “Seven Figure Agency Blueprint” course. I’ll explain those in just a minute. Let me first provide you some background regarding WHY I signed up for their course.

I own a typical online marketing company, when I say typical, I mean we help any type of local business get more customers through our online marketing efforts. . We’ve been able to build a successful business in the low six figures, but I wanted more for our business.

The challenges we faced is that our customers greatly differed from one another. We had chiropractors, a wedding music business, Scandinavian furniture business, urgent cares, dentists, ultrasound clinics, massage therapists, commercial realty companies, moving companies, electricians, E-Cig retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, computer repair companies, pet store, life coaching companies…the list goes on and on.

We LOVE each and every one of our clients, but as you can tell, there isn’t any consistency. The language is different among these businesses such as who they service. Some are clients, customers, patients, guests etc. And while the foundation for getting them more customers online is very similar, the process isn’t easily repeatable. We needed to research and find out what niche specific directories to place them on, what backlinks to go after, the articles we were writing / content for their websites were all different. The process has to be reinvented over and over again….and we were starting to bang our heads against the wall.

So what made me decide on making an investment in the Seven Figure Agency Blueprint course? With the exception of the online marketers who are selling the “Next Best Thing / Shiny Object” products, I kept on finding the marketers who were really making the big bucks in this field had focused on a niche. I mean think of it, you focus on a niche, you get recognized as the expert, you streamline your processes, and get this…you can charge a little more because people expect to pay more for a specialist.

I had met Josh and Dean through a few online groups we’re both members of and met them personally back in July as well as October of 2014. I knew these guys knew what they were doing and was so excited to hear that they were taking what had made them into a multi-million dollar company and putting that into a mentoring course. Trust me, when I heard about it, I signed up then and there.

So what did the course cover? Honestly, everything you need to get your existing local marketing company over that hump and make into a very successful niche focused business. They cover scripts, they cover the key factors about establishing expertise and credibility. How to qualify, research and approach your niche for business is covered. How to pick out a niche, yep that is in there as well. EVERYTHING you need to turn your generic business into a successful niche based business is in there. They cover fulfillment, how to write a book to establish authority, what services to offer, how to leverage direct mail to get your foot in the door. Josh and Dean also take you through scenarios where they’re actually going through a sales call with a prospect. What to discuss, how to present it, how to ask for the sale. I’ve taken a few online marketing courses from some of the leaders in the industry and they were all great…they helped me build my business to where I’m out of the basement and into an office suite….but to really get to that next level, I knew I needed something else. THIS IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE.

Now one thing I’ll state is that if you’re not already having success with your online marketing company, I don’t know that this is the right course for you. When I say success, I mean that you have a profitable full time business in this industry. The reason I say this is that I believe that the course offers the most success to those who have already gone through the challenges of establishing a business and we all know there are many. This picks up where that left off. Consider it your graduate course to your bachelors.

I honestly cannot say enough about this course and what Dean and Josh have provided. I cannot wait to see what is in store for my new business, hopefully more trips to the bank!”

Scott Meadows - Owner of Spark Local & Patient Prospector


“I have been doing SEO for anyone who would ask, and doing SEO at such low mark ups, I really couldn’t give my clients the right service or a service that really understood their particular business. I did not have the right fundamentals in place and I wasn’t making enough money to support my family in the way I intended. I was working a business that went “paycheck to paycheck and panic to panic.” It was not the business I wanted. Josh’s Seven Figure Agency changed direction for me. My fundamentals and approach towards my business have been corrected and I feel I am on my way to the success and security I deserve. I started this course from scratch. We are just under 3 months old as of this writing and I am already making “head turning” presentations in my new niche. Although still too early,  I have 6 new deals that potential prospects are considering and no doubt expect this business to take off shortly. Yes, it is hard work, and you need good organization and an action plan to make it happen,  (thats your part) but Josh lays everything out for you. No wondering and no guessing. Josh has laid out a game plan that I understand is producing almost $200,000 per month in revenue for him.  For me, Josh has laid out the perfect business model to duplicate his success”
Alan Hillsberg - Optimized Mobile


“I wanted to thank you for the course you just finished teaching; Seven Figure Agency. I was really excited to have the course since it is what I have wanted to do for a while. My problem was that I didn’t really know where to start. I have to say that you put it completely together for me. There was zero fluff and it directly addressed everything I needed to get on track to build my business. You and Dean went far beyond what I had expected. It was thorough and detailed to the point that I know that I will have a successful business in time just by following your advice. I really appreciate the fact that I have access to the material and can review any part at any time. Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely, one thousand times. It was really worth it and appreciated your content, your follow through with questions, the tools and resources and most of all the fact that you care about our success. I truly thank you guys and would like to stay in touch and let you know how I am progressing.”
Ed Gelb

“The Seven Figure Agency provides everything you need in order to create a real, high revenue, monthly reoccurring, money machine. I’m so lucky to be a part of this and my family’s future will be much brighter because of it. I have owned and run the same business for the past 28 years and up until now, never changed course because I always believed there was nothing better out there……in fact I planned to pass my business on to my son.
Yet, after experiencing the Seven Figure Agency program first hand, I now have him following the Seven Figure Agency model as well because I truly believe it is his best opportunity for a bigger and better future.”
Dean Perkns

“Josh, Dean and the team at Seven Figure Agency are out of this world. First of all, they really want you to succeed!  It’s obvious because of how they go above and beyond the expectation to help you.  Second, they are incredibly knowledgeable and humble.  Their expertise is assuring as you look to grow your business but they are humble enough to always seek out new knowledge and wisdom to pass along.  I appreciate that type of humble leadership.  You will appreciate sitting under their wisdom and it will be well worth you money and time.”
Jesse Carbo - Chiropractic Marketing Pros

The 7 Figure Agency Training was exactly what I was looking for.  I had tried in the past to build a local marketing business and failed.  I knew it was what I wanted to do but after my initial experience, I lacked the confidence that I would be able to deliver results and build a sustainable business.  The 7 Figure Agency Training Program changed everything for me.  I now know exactly what services to offer, what to charge and how to deliver results.  In fact, clients are now coming out of nowhere to work with me.
Laura Whitelaw


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