Are you ready to take 2018 by storm? Do you have a clear plan of attack as it relates to your marketing & growing your agency? Have you put together an updated plan to WIN in 2018?

On this episode we’ll help you build a rock solid plan based on what worked for us and hundreds of agencies across the country.

What You’re Going To Learn

  • How to set the right goals for 2018 – We all know that we need to set goals…but if you set the wrong goals with out a clear focus on recurring monthly revenue you could spend the whole year spinning your wheels.
  • A clear plan for landing new clients on a monthly basis – Goals without a plan is useless. We will work thought a plan to get new customers coming to you pre-positioned to buy.
  • Marketing Strategies that work (not cold calling) – We’ll outline the inbound lead generation strategies, funnels & campaigns that work to keep your funnel full & position you as the expert in your niche.

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