Here are the results from our webinar earlier today…

This strategy drives our entire inbound marketing engine…

✅ Monthly Topical webinars are the ultimate content lever for agency growth.

✅ Be sure to offer a short-cut to your desired outcome – It’s not about the “webinar” it’s about the promotion of your webinar

✅ One new webinar per month can drive your entire inbound engine

✅ One webinar per month can drive your entire lead generation and content creation machine…

We use the ongoing monthly webinars to: ✔️ Nurture our core database ✔️ Deepen the relationship to the list ✔️ Get interested prospects to schedule strategy sessions ✔️ Drive new content on a consistent basis (because we leverage the recourses version in a bunch of different ways (YouTube, SlideShare, Podcast, Long form blog post, etc)

👇If you’d like me to share a deep dive training with you in how I leverage & syndicate our webinars type “webinar strategy” in comments…👇

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