What’s up guys? Hope you are having an awesome day. I want to shoot this quick video on a thought for you. And that’s what’s the number one activity, the number one driver of success or failure in your digital marketing agency. And from my experience, what I’ve seen, what separates the agencies that go to those multiple six figures, seven figures and beyond, and the ones that kind of get stuck somewhere along the way, is relentless focus on sales and business development.

The fact is, there’s lots of things you have to think about to run a successful agency, from landing clients to delivering results to retaining to scaling your team. But the fact is, if you get sidetracked and you lose focus on the fact that really your main driver and your main focus, as the owner, entrepreneur, lead of your company is landing new clients, right, it’s marketing and it’s selling.

And I find that the agencies that get sidetracked, they start thinking about the new tools they’re going to implement, the new shiny objects, and they lose focus on two key things. Number one, doing activity that’s going to drive strategy sessions or sales appointments, and two, conducting strategy sessions and sales appointments, right? The ones that realise that and spend all their time, their energy and their focus in that area, continuing to bring in new clients have continued growth and momentum, and the ones that don’t tend to stagnate and fail.

So, I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments. Do you agree, disagree? Do you feel that there’s some other activity that’s more important than sales and business development? And if you’d like to talk with me about sales process mastery and really what it takes to focus on the key thing. To get new strategy sessions every month, to close at the highest level possible, to have a dialed in sales process, just type in comments, “Sales Process Mastery”, and I’ll reach out to you on that. So that’s it for now! Remain relentlessly focused on sales and business development and you’ll drastically improve your probability of long term success in your digital marketing agency. I’ll talk to you later

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