I just completed my most recent webinar to promote our agency. On this post I will outline the strategy, setup, results, a recorded version of the live webinar & my syndication strategy (how I get the most from the content & get it out into my target market).

My Webinar Promotion Strategy:

On this video I explain why I run ongoing new webinars, how I promote them and let you peak over my shoulder right before I started the webinar (so you can get a sense of the setup & results):

Recording of the live webinar (The NEW SEO Strategy for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors):

This is a full recording of the actual webinar that I conducted to give you a feel for how I run these types of client facing webinars:

My Syndication strategy:

On this video I outline what we do once the webinar is finished to full syndicate it for maximum value: