Listen in as I interview Nate Hagerty & Troy Lakey of TaxProMarketer. They shared some amazing insights on how they grew their agency to over $100K per month serving 300+ clients. You can listen to the full interview now by clicking below:


  • [0:50] Nate and Troy discuss the details of their agency
  • [4:00] Nate explains how he fell into his niche
  • [8:00] Nate talks about how he was able to transition between working for someone in a specific niche to working in that niche himself
  • [10:35] We talk about the high value to be found in Joint Venture partnerships
  • [13:45] Nate talks about the 3 driving forces they have now that they are a 7 figure agency
  • [17:00] We discuss what kind of Tripwire they offer
  • [20:50] We talk about the importance of attending events and writing a book
  • [29:10] Nate talks about why he chose to take a step back from meeting clients
  • [31:30] We talk about how they manage their family life and business
  • [34:20] Nate talks about the value of having Troy as a business partner
  • [35:40] We talk about their approach to FB ads (and their decision to cut them)
  • [37:40] Nate and Troy talk about the kind of services they provide their clients
  • [44:11] We discuss the high value that can be found in having remote employees
  • [47:40] They share the 3 Big Lessons they have learned
  • [54:30] Take questions from the comments
  • [59:20] Final nuggets of wisdom

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