Lights, camera, action. 🎬

How do I get my webinars & web videos to look professional from my home office??

I get this question from agency owners all the time. I was unhappy with the quality of my videos for the past few months🤢 so I brought in my Videographer to help tighten up the setup. We spent the past few hours tweaking the lighting, camera setting & audio. On this video I walk you through what we changed so you can do the same and confidently crank out high quality videos from your home or office.


A few key elements:

✔️ Lighting can make or break your video quality
✔️ With the right settings even a basic Logitech Webcam can do the trick (Hint: Download the free software to control your output settings on Zoom or GoToWebinar)
✔️ Audio is key and should not be skimped on
✔️ You’ve got to get the framing right for a professional look

👇 Post “Gear Guide” in the comments I’ll share the exact equipment used here and the links to buy on Amazon.