If there was one thing you did day in and day out that would actually move your agency forward what would that be? Watch this video to find out the key to growing your agency in significant ways.

So on this quick video, I want to talk about something that’s really, really important. And that’s what’s the one thing that you need to be focused on in your agency day in day out to move things forward? Because there’s lots of things competing for your attention, right? There’s lots of shiny objects. I just want you to pause as you’re watching this video and just kind of contemplate, if there was one thing that you just focused on that and you made sure that was what you did day in and day out. What would it be that would actually move your agency forward, I just want to kind of unpack this for you real quick, on the board.

So the one thing that’s going to move your agency forward, more than anything else that you can do is the number of strategy sessions that you conduct. So call it a strategy session, call it a sales calls, call it a an appointment with a prospect, but the reality is, if you’re not having meaningful strategy sessions with prospects on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, you’re not going to land new clients, you’re not going to grow your business, right. And so

You know, sometimes I talk with with guys in the group and they’re like, well, Josh, you know, I’m not getting I’m not getting growth, I’m doing a lot of work. I’m setting up my webinars and I’m creating content. And I’m, you know, working with my clients, but I’m not growing, I’m not landing new clients. And it’s always the question of how many strategy sessions Did you have, and we’re finding is, if you can’t get this number to 10, plus, on a monthly basis, 10 qualified strategy sessions with prospects in your niche that are interested in what you have to say and interested in really moving things to the next level, you’re not going to have much momentum, but you’re going to have his client once every Blue Moon, you’re going to have a client every now and then. But you need to be getting consistently to the 10 1520 strategy sessions per month. And that’s not a crazy amount, right? That’s it attempt per month is maybe like two to three per week, qualified strategy session. So if you’re not getting to this number, that’s what you need to focus on. You need to focus on what can I do to fill my calendar with prospects?

My niche that are interested in doing business with me. So I just wanted to bring that that to the fore for you, you know, shiny object syndrome is rampant in this digital marketing agency space. There’s lots of things that we could should, you know, potentially think we could be doing. But this is the main thing, the number of qualified strategy sessions. And that’s why we have you guys fill out this, this KPI board on a monthly basis, where you’re just tracking the most important thing. Here’s what I know to be true, what you measure gets done, what you track always improves. So if we know that this is the number one thing, number of strategy sessions, then what I want you to do is track this metric. Because if you’re not tracking how many strategy sessions you did, you’re probably not getting the 10. And if you’re not getting to 10, you’re not going to add enough new clients to really get the momentum that you’re after in your agency. So, you know, commit to this every Friday, I ask you to fill out how many of you for conversations that you have how many people did you talk to

That expressed interest, how many strategy sessions Did you conduct? How many proposals or follow ups Did you submit? How many clients Did you land? And how much did the recurring revenue grow? And I don’t just do this for the front of that I do it because I know that when you measure this, and you focus on the number one thing, that’s when you get momentum and growth in your agency, so all I want you to do on this video, all I want you to do is comment below that you’re committed to the number one thing, so just right committed to focus on strategy sessions, and fill out your KPI board and really track what you intend to improve. And we’ll take it from there. Talk to you soon.

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