Having a targeted list of 100 potential clients is powerful.

In this video, I explain how to take your list from a large, unspecific group to a cultivated list of clients you know you want to pursue.

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Hey, this is Josh with the seven figure agency. And this video, I want to talk about how to kind of take a big list and turn it into a targeted list. In a previous video, we talked about kind of the benefits of having a super targeted list. Instead of having like this massive list that you just kind of peppered with emails randomly and get no responses. So here’s what we’re finding works best to narrow your list. The first thing is join the National Association of members of your niche. So we work with plumbing and HTC contractors, we joined the national plumbing Association and some of the groups and subgroups within that. And by joining, you get a pretty solid list to start with, because members have to pay in order to be members. And they’re only joining that national association because they take their business seriously. And they’ve got some, some, some some vested interest in the game. So you can kind of feel confident when you join that association, you get that list, they’re going to be real businesses, they’re going to actually operate, they’re going to give you real phone numbers. And this is all kind of useful stuff. But really, you want to go deeper than that, because not every member of an association is your ideal coin, right for us, we found in uploading HPC companies doing over a million dollars per year that have at least five products really are our best kind of client, the ones that can invest in our services, and will stay with this long term. So it’s worth it for you from a prospecting perspective, to kind of find out what the situation is with the companies that you’re emailing that your direct mailing that you’re cold calling that you’re reaching out to trying to get as clients. And so here’s what we found work best, join the association, and then append revenue to the list. There’s lots of great companies out there. And even me over the last couple years did not realise this was an option. But there’s ways to bounce data from one source against another source, like info group and axiom and hundreds of other data warehouses out there. So you could go to a company, like reach marketing, I’ll kind of share some links in the if you’re interested, that you can upload your list. Okay, here’s the list I have, go ahead and append from your database, what the revenue know numbers are for these companies, what the number of employees are for these companies, some cases, even what’s the email address that’s out there for the owner, what’s the SMS or text message number for that owner. And this cost money, right, you’re getting investing in a list, and then you’re investing in kind of cleaning up that list. But when you do that, you wind up very clear. Okay, these are the kinds of companies that meet my ideal criteria, and are worth the additional effort. Now, the other step that we got from Jim Allen from roofer marketer is what he did, he got his list, he attended the revenue data. And then he called it down, I think it was like 2500 member potential prospects, he got it down to like 350, or 400, that were over the revenue target he was looking for. And he spent some time and manually review all of their websites, he pulled them up, he looked at their websites. And he kind of said, Okay, this looks like the kind of company I want to work with. Or this looks like a residential type company. That’s our ideal prospect, right? And so manually taking the time to look at each one and minimise it, really try and get it down to 100, that you feel confident, man, if I could get their attention, if I can get them as a client, they’d be the exact kind of client that we’d want to work with, we can get great results for and then we’ll probably wind up staying with us long term. And so how do you get the email addresses? Right, and this is the last piece of the puzzle, you get your your list of association members, you’ve called it down, you’ve looked at the websites, but you still don’t have email contact details for most of these people. And the fact is, there’s no liable source on the internet that you can just randomly find it. Yes, you can use hunter di that I Oh, yes, you can use seamless.ai. There’s lots of great tools that can help with this. But the end of the day old fashioned, take out your phone, or have an assistant call and say, Hey, just I want to learn a little bit more about your company, how its revenue, how many trucks, I’d like to send a survey out to the owner, what email address should I use, or something like that you can use any variation of those questions. But you’re not trying to sell anything, you’re not offering solicitation, you’re just asking what the email addresses. And you’re not trying to get it for thousands of thousands of contacts, you’re just trying to get it 400. So that’s that’s the idea, right? Take your big list, call it down. And then you can really go deep and marketing to that list. You can direct mail them, email them, connect with them on social messenger, connect with them via SMS, roll out a custom audience to really target them on social media. And by doing that you can become on the president that small groups world and get them to move from never heard of you to absolutely see you kind of everywhere to let’s give them a shot to it to a client, right. And we’re finding this is working best for the digital marketing agencies we work with. So we’d love to hear from your comments. What are your thoughts? Can you do this? This in common? Say I can do this with an exclamation point. And if you’d like some ideas on the type of messaging to send, like what kind of email what kind of direct mail what kind of text message put in their dream 100 communication and comments and I’ll get some additional details to you on that front. I hope you found this awesome. I’ll talk to you soon.

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