How to get prospects to show up for your scheduled meetings…

There are few things more frustrating than getting pumped up and prepared for a strategy session only to have your prospect blow you off and not show up. 🤦‍♂️

We’ve added a few steps to our appointment funnel that have significantly improved show-up rates and ultimately sales:

✔️ Create some excitement/anticipation for the event (auto-play video on the confirmation page)
✔️ Make a connection on multiple platforms – eMail, Text Message, Social Messenger (Facebook / LinkedIn). Start a conversation BEFORE the meeting.
✔️ Confirm & remind via Text message & email

We’ve found that prospects who engage with us prior to the appointment are 3X more likely to show up for the meeting!

If you’d like some ideas on how to get them to not just show up…but show up excited to meet you and pre-positioned to hire you…

👇Post “Appointment Strategies” in the comments below…👇

Hey guys, this is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency. I wanted to shoot a quick video on the topic of getting people to show up for your sales appointments to talk about your internet marketing services, and you’re kind of taking them through their consultative sales process. One of the one of the members, Bob, in our, in our Seven Figure Agency program was like, Man, I’m getting people to schedule appointments with me, but they’re not showing up. And that can be that can be frustrating because you do the work, you get them set up where they’re actually going to want to meet with you. And then and they’re not there and you’re prepared and you’re ready.

So I’ve discovered something that’s working really well to improve the show up rate amongst our, our prospects. So, you know, we do our marketing, we get them to schedule into our calendar, and we want to do everything we can to get them excited about the meeting, and to and to come prepared to show up. And so this is part of the ultimate agency funnel that we were kind of unpacked at the traffic conversion summit and got great feedback from. Obviously you’ve got an opt in, and then you’ve got an appointment funnel. And that appointment funnel takes them to Callendly or some other calendar system, and then gets them to pick a time on your schedule. Here’s the deal. Obviously, you send some resources that they get them excited about the meeting.

Two things, though, that have made a massive impact, probably the biggest impact on our show up rates, moving them to close to 90%, show up rate. First, leverage multimedia, so don’t just use email for the confirmation. Literally, get them to type in their cell phone number, and then use text messaging to confirm the appointment. But don’t just say hey, we’re scheduled hey quick reminder like send them something like hey, you know, really excited about our meeting, I sent you some additional resources and have an open loop where they can start to converse with you and that little extra communication makes a big difference. The people that respond to our text messages, with both my sales sales guy myself are like significantly more likely to show up to the appointment.

The second is, is leverage social media as well. And there’s an easy way to do this obviously, through text message, it’s easy, right? You trigger it either through in FixYourFunnel or, you know, Zapier into some text integration can be done automatically, they schedule, they get three text message, one confirming one right before the meeting, and one the day off, right, you kind of plant those seeds. The next is to connect with them on social messenger. So almost everybody’s on Facebook, send them a friend request, send them a quick message, hey, I saw you scheduled an appointment looking forward to the meeting. And even you can go so far as to friend request them or connect with them on LinkedIn.

If they’re seeing you before the appointment, right. They’ve scheduled they’re kind of interested. But now they’ve got a text message from you. They’ve got an email from you. They’ve gotten a friend request on Facebook and a LinkedIn connection request. They’re going to interact with you in one way or the other, when they interact, relationship is developed. Now there’s an expectation they know that you’re not just a droid at the other side that may or may not show up, they they expect that you’re prepared for the meeting. And they are likely to show up.

I’ve got lots of other cool strategies on how you can you know, get a great appointment process in place and get people not just to show up but but show up excited and pre-position to do business with you. So if that sounds cool to you, post in the comment, “Appointment Strategies”, and I’ll hook you up with some really cool ideas on how you can get people not just to show up for the appointment, which is half the battle, but to show up pre positioned to buy and excited about doing business with you.

So I’ve just been experiencing the results of this. I wanted to shoot a quick video to kind of outline it and hopefully it helps, right. Just take another step leverage text messaging, leverage social messenger, leverage LinkedIn, plant some seeds, start some conversations before the appointment even happens. Josh Nelson signing off. I’ll talk to you soon.