When it comes to landing clients for your agency…there are a finite number is ways.

In this video, I outline 5 Proven Client Acquisition Strategies that have worked extremely well for us and our coaching clients…

✔️Cold Outreach
✔️ Marketed lead generation
✔️ Inbound Marketing
✔️ Association Involvement / Speaking
✔️ Joint Ventures

If you can get just 1-2 of these strategies really dialed in you can build a 7 Figure Agency in less than 12 months…(assuming you have the right mode).


Here’s the video transcript for your reference:

All right, well, this is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency, and I wanted to shoot this quick video to talk about how to land clients in your digital marketing agency. On a previous video I talked a lot about really the key fundamental, like where you start is market message media. If you’re not clear on who your market is, then you can’t put together a message that would resonate with anybody, and you can’t figure out what media to get their attention, whether it’s pay-per-click advertising, or Facebook Ads, or anything in between. So if you haven’t seen that go back and check it out because I really unpack it. This is the foundation. None of the market you’re going to try to do in your digital marketing agency will be effective without clarity on this topic.

So assuming you’re clear on your market, and you’ve got a good message, and you’re ready to start thinking about the mechanisms and the avenues that you can use to really get clients coming to you. This is what we found. There’s only a finite number of ways to land clients. Really, where it starts usually is cold outreach. Cold outreach is you get a list of people within your market and you send them cold emails, you cold call them, maybe you send them some direct messaging. I just want to tell you, that’s probably the least effective way to land clients. It’s the lowest leverage, you have to do the most work yourself, you have the highest resistance to the sale when they do come in. But, it’s a great place to start and it can be effective if you use the right strategies. There’s some great ways to send sequenced messaging via email, text message, phone, and even direct mail, to get prospects’ attention completely cold and to land clients. I can tell you our first … probably our first 20 clients came directly from cold outreach, so it’s a great place to start.

From there though, really, there are a couple others. There are marketed lead generation, which is what you typically think about for marketing yourself, Facebook Ads, pay-per-click advertising, buying spots in magazines, in trade publications, and things like that. Very effective way. There are pros and cons of marketed lead generation. The pro is you can control your destiny. You can say, “Okay, I’m going to go out and I’m going to spend this money. I’m going to get in front of my ideal prospects and I’m going to generate leads.” It’s very scalable in that way. The con is, it costs money. You have to have some cash, you have to have some money to invest in it, and you have to be willing to accept that a lot of the money isn’t going to be returned, because you have to try things, you have to test things before you get it dialed in and really figure out what works.

From there, you get inbound marketing. I love inbound marketing. This was really the cornerstone of our agency. Putting out great content, having it be discovered on YouTube, on the social networks across the Internet, and bring them into a funnel. I did a great video where I unpacked a three-step funnel that really all of our clients and all of our prospects come through. I love inbound marketing. I think the long term success of your business will really hinge on your ability to effectively put out great content and get clients coming into your world. Now, again, pros and cons. The pro is, when somebody comes into your world via inbound marketing, they’re pre-positioned to buy, they’re excited about working with you, they chose you. The con is, it takes a lot of time. You can’t just turn inbound marketing on and tomorrow have leads funneling in to your business. You have to create content, it has to get picked up on the index, it has to be … your audience has to build before you can really reliably drive business through inbound marketing.

The next is associations and speaking. So inside your market there are groups of associations and subgroups of associations that meet together, that spend time together, and we found it to be an extremely powerful play to join those associations, to get involved in those associations, to exhibit at their events, and to eventually speak at their events. One of the most powerful things you can do is to choose your niche, find the association, join the association, get access to the list, position yourself in that group through great content, through direct mail, through email, through phone calls, through webinars, and become omnipresent in that world.

The last, and probably one of the most powerful is, JVs, joint ventures. Finding people that are already selling or already have business relationships with your ideal prospects and your ideal market, and aligning with them in a way that they hand business to you or they introduce you to their client base, either for a percentage of the revenue, or for just good will. You’re going to pass business to them, they’re going to pass business to you. I can tell you now, in working with hundreds of digital marketing agencies across the country, if you can get good at just one or two of these key strategies, you can build a seven figure digital marketing agency.

So that’s it. Really, if you break this down simply, you have to get a list of the people within your target market, you got to put an outreach strategy in place to get their attention, to get them to raise their hand, to get sales, and to grow your digital marketing agency. Really, that’s how you can land clients and grow a seven figure digital marketing agency. Hope you found this interesting, hopefully it was useful. If you like more ideas on how to do this specifically in your digital marketing agency, post in the comments below, landing clients, I’m going to get you a deep drive training that I did that really unpacks this in depth. So thanks so much for your time. Post your comments, we’d love to hear from you on this, and I’ll talk to you soon.