Here is a question for you…why are they canceling?

❓Is it because you are not generating results?
❓Is it because they can’t convert the leads you provide?
❓Is it because you or your team dropped the ball in some way?

If they can’t convert the leads you drive…is that your problem or theirs⁉️

Here’s the video transcript for your reference:
What’s up guys hope you’re having an awesome day, I wanted to shoot this quick, quick video. In the digital marketing agency space, one of the most painful parts is losing clients, right? It really hurts a lot, right? You do all this work to get the client and you’re excited about doing the work for them. And, you know, you know, getting them a great result. And oftentimes, the clients cancel, right, no matter how good you did, no matter how proactive you were, they all cancel at some point. It’s a fact. And really, in life, it’s a part of reality and running a digital marketing agency. But really, what I want you to think about is why are they cancelling? Is it because you didn’t perform? Like and sometimes that happens, right? You didn’t get them ranked? Or the strategy implemented didn’t work? And, you know, that’s that’s a concern. Is it because they couldn’t convert? And I see a lot of times, that’s the excuse that digital marketing agencies give, it’s, you know, I got them ranked, I got their phone ringing off the hook and and they didn’t convert, or, or was it, because you dropped the ball in some way. Like, you know, you didn’t, you didn’t fall through, they asked you to do something you didn’t get it done, you failed to send the report, right. The first two, hopefully, you can solve for right you can solve for, let’s tighten up our processes, let’s tighten up our communication, let’s tighten up our onboard process. So that will drop the ball and they don’t leave for that reason. The results. Ideally, you know, if you’ve got the right strategy for the type of industry and type of niche that you serve, you should be able to solve for that to like, let’s let’s make sure we’ve got a strategy that works consistently gets our clients, tangible, measurable return on investment leads, calls, sales opportunities, really what I want you to think about is the last one, the one that almost everybody uses is their cop out, which is okay, I got the client leads, they couldn’t convert hands in the air Game Over, I guess there wasn’t anything we can do in that scenario. So I really want you to think about is if they can’t confirm the leads that you generate for them. Is it your problem? Or is it theirs? I mean, really, I’d like to deposit that, at some level, it’s your problem, right? If they can’t convert the leads that you generate, because they don’t have the right sales process, they don’t have the right systems in place. They don’t have the right follow through or follow up, they’re going to cancel because there’s no return on investment, right. And that’s your job is to help them generate a tangible, measurable return on investment. And I believe the agencies of the future, the ones that are going to succeed, the ones that are going to be around three 510 years from now, are the ones that are really bridging the gap between a lead generated and a sale converted, right, whether whether it’s like in our case, we work with plumbing HPC contractors, we have to make sure that those leads that they generate, convert into book jobs, and those book jobs convert into revenue for their business, otherwise, they’re not going to stay with us. You know, if you’re, if you’re running a med spa, right?

You have to be able to get people in the door from the leads that you generate. And so I really want just to kind of get you to think, are you copping out on the whole, I generate the leads, and they didn’t convert thing. And so I want you to stretch your thinking what’s going to be a little bit more creative, because if you can solve for if you can solve for generating the lead and converting it into a sale, you become exponentially more valuable, right, your retention issues kind of go away, right, because you get a proven measurable return on the investment, you can get them what they want, which is more leads and more sales. So I just want you to think about that I want you to really kind of flex your creative muscles in following the process from lead generated to sale for your clients and how that makes you kind of bulletproof in your in your agency. So this is this is one of the things we cover a lot in the in the local agency success group if you’re not in there, would love to have you join us. I got a link here in comments. But like the your thoughts on that, like do you believe that as the agency you should start thinking along the lines of not only generating the lead but actually generating the lead that converts into a sale? Let me know comments. I’ll talk to you soon.