In this case study, Brian Stearman from Lawncare Marketing Mechanic shares how he was able to transition from mowing lawns in his lawn care business to running an agency with over $67K per month recurring revenue in less than 2 years.

Over the past 14 months, he chose a niche…positioned himself as the expert… sold/retained lots of clients and is on pace to be a 7 Figure Agency this year!

He shares some tremendous insights into how he:

  • Selected his niche
  • Landed his first 5 clients
  • Built his prospect list, approached his calls & landed strategy sessions –
  • Markets the business today to bring in clients on a consistent basis
  • Gets the work done for his clients while keeping his focus on sales & business development

Brian Stearman is not your typical digital marketer. He was a police officer then started a lawn care business. He became interested in marketing after learning how to market his own business. He discovered he could help other lawn care businesses with their marketing rather than going out and mowing lawns himself. After taking the Seven Figure Agency course he dug in and did the work with a case study and watched as his business exploded. Learn how Brian grew his lawn care marketing business to just under $700k per year in under 2 years by listening to this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] All about his agency
  • [3:56] How was Brian able to grow from just one client?
  • [4:23] How did he choose his niche?
  • [6:39] What types of services does he provide?
  • [10:35] How did he get his first 5 clients?
  • [15:09] How does he generate clients now?
  • [19:30] How is he providing results?
  • [22:13] What has influenced him?

How did he choose his niche?

In this case, he was already there. Brian chose his niche because of his experience in the lawn care industry. You may be thinking that lawn care is a terrible niche, there’s no money there! He understood that which is why he knew he needed to find established businesses. He focuses on working with businesses in the $250k-$500k per year range. Any niche can be a good niche as long as you find the right clients you can succeed.

How did he get his first 5 clients?

Getting those first few clients is the hardest part. It can take months to even land one! Brian used an interesting tactic. He joined several Facebook groups that were specific to his lawncare niche. When people asked questions about SEO he made sure to give great advice and add value to the group. When anyone in the group asked about getting a website built he sent them a private message offering his service. He ensured that his Facebook and LinkedIn persona matched the expertise he was providing and that his online branding was on point. He later made contact with a CRM in his industry.

How was Brian able to grow his startup marketing agency from one client to 60 clients in just a year and a half?

It’s slow work growing a startup marketing agency. He knew that getting results for his earliest clients was the key to gaining more clients. He worked incredibly hard to achieve the best results for a single case study. He attributes his real growth from finding that case study cheerleader. He was able to grow that first client from $400k per year to over $1 million in revenue in less than 2 years. These impressive results were a great way to show other businesses the potential of his marketing services. Now that case study is his biggest cheerleader. Once he had results to show it made getting clients much easier. Are you concentrating on getting results for your clients?

How does he generate clients now?

Brian chose a high-end CRM to work with. He joined an online group sponsored by that CRM. He realized that the businesses that use that CRM can afford marketing. Every niche has at least one CRM that is focused on that niche. If you can get into one of the CRM Facebook groups or attend their events then you will be well-positioned to find your target clients. Brian attends their live events and is able to network with his existing customers and they are able to talk up his services to potential clients right then and there at the networking events. So how are you generating your client leads? Has Brian’s story given you some inspiration?

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