It’s a new month and the quarter is coming to a close.

How did you do? Did you hit your targets?

Take a moment to reset, refocus & end Q3 strong!


How did you do in August?

  • Did you hit your goal for the month?
  • How many new clients did you bring on?
  • Did you do the activity necessary to accomplish your goals?
  • How move forward conversations did you have?
  • How many webinars did you conduct
  • How many new pieces of value add content did you roll out?

What is your target for September?

  • How many clients will you sell? What will your base recurring revenue be?

What will you commit to in September to drive the activity you need to hit your targets?

  • How many move forward conversations? What Webinar(s) will you conduct? PUT A DATE DOWN ON THE CALENDAR
  • How many new pieces of content will you put out for your niche? Pick the topic & put them on the schedule
  • How many emails out to your database? At least 1 touch per week

Watch the video..reply to this email or in the Facebook Group & let’s close September strong!