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We’re all set up for the seven figure agency roadmap live event, we’re really excited to see you, for those of you that are going to be in attendance Thursday and Friday, we’re super pumped to see you. For those of you that missed it, it’s going to be a game changer. Make sure you block this into your schedule to join us next time, I’m just going to walk you back back through here, what we’re doing over the next couple days, this is a this is a two day workshop will really go deep on how to grow and scale your digital marketing agency take things to the next level. This is the workbook we put together, we poured our heart and soul into this bad boy. And it’s about 117 pages, just filled with information on how to truly grow and scale your digital marketing agency. So we’re going to go deep, I’m just going to kind of skim through this really quick because I know your time is valuable. But to come this way. We’re going to start with a seven figure agency model fundamentals like what does it really take to have the right business model that can scale? Then we’re going to dive into the ultimate agency funnel? Like how do we get clients to come into our world pre positioned to buy on a consistent basis, get them onto our schedule, take them through a consultative sales process, get them to sign up. And then we’re going to unpack two really cool ideas for landing clients, the the cold outreach formula, which is all around how do you how do you like reach out to prospects and get their attention? get them excited, get them to hire you. And then the client attraction method, which is more around how do you put out content? How do you position yourself as the expert and get clients to come to you pre positioned to buy so that’s what we do on day one, or on the business model and getting clients into our world? day two, we shift to retention, like how do we retain the clients? And how do we scale long term? So we’re going to unpack the client retention maximizers. So how do we get the clients to really stick around long term, and then how to scale right? The last thing you want to do is build a seven figure agency. That’s all you because you have no time you have no freedom, and you’re basically racking your head against the wall, what you want to do is figure out how to build the systems, build the procedures and develop the team. So you don’t have to do it all yourself. So we’re going to unpack that. And then we’re actually going to go across the street to our office down the road and walk you through our facility. We’ve got 30 full time employees and kind of show you what a truly scaled digital marketing agency is all about. So super excited about it. Two days, I know it’s been a traffic, transformational experience for others, for those of you that are coming, so excited to meet you and spend some time and kind of unpack this with you. For those of you that missed it. Please stay tuned. We’d love to have you attend in the future. And really, we’re all about helping you make more money, have more freedom and have a bigger impact in your life. So thanks so much for watching. This video will catch you next time.

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